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Sesame Seeds - hulled

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Product: Sesame Seeds - Hulled

Latin Name: Sesamum indicum

Plant Family: Pedaliaceae

Other Names: Sesame, Ajonjoli , Benne, Semsem, Gingelly, Hei Zhi Ma, Sesamzaad, Sésame, Sesamo, Sésamo, Gergelim, Til, Teel, Simsim, Susam & Sezam.

Description: Sesame seeds come from an annual plant native to Africa, Indonesia, India, and Afghanistan and is now cultivated in Mexico, Central America and China, growing between 50-100cm in height. The leaves are opposite, broad, lanceolate and mid-green in colour and 4-14cm in length. The 4-lobbed tubular flowers resemble those of the foxglove and grow from the leaf axils; they are 3-5cm in length and vary in colour from white to purple. The ovate seeds form in the seed capsule and are 3-4mm in length.

Interesting Fact: Records of the sesame being eaten as part of the human diet can be dated back to around 3,000 B.C. to an eastern Bronze age settlement in the Indus Valley. Ancient Egyptians ground sesame seeds to a flour and used it to make bread and cakes, and it’s said the oil derived from sesame was used by Queen Cleopatra as part of her beauty regime, the oil was used as a base for making perfumed oils by the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks, the Greeks believing that sesame oil was the perfect oil base to blend with rose oil as the two oils receive each other better than any other.

Ingredients: Dried seeds of Sesamum indicum.

Allergy Advice: Sesame Seeds can cause severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) in susceptible individuals.


Sesame seeds aren’t just for sprinkling as a garnish on burger buns, sprinkle them on breads, and pastries, add them to biscuits, cereal bars and muesli mixes. To bring out their rich flavour lightly toast the sesame seeds before use, this enhances the rich nutty flavour. Sprinkle over salads and cooked vegetables for a nutty crunch; add to stir fry’s or what not try making your own traditional prawn toasts to accompany a Chinese meal?

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