Organic Celery seeds

Organic Celery seeds
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Organic Celery seeds 100g
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p>Product: Celery Seeds

Latin Name: Apium graveolens syn. Apium celleri, Apium decumbens, Celeria graveolens, Carum graveolens.

Plant Family: Apiaceae

Other Names: Wild Celery, Smallage, Ajmod, Ajwain-Ka-Patta, Aches des Marais, Ajamoda, Ajmoda, Apii Frutus, Apio, Céleri, Fruit de Celeri, Graine de Céleri, Karmauli, Sellerie, Sellerifrö, Sedano, Karafs, Qin Cai, Selleriefruchte & Selleriesamen.

Description: Celery is an herbaceous biennial plant, native to Britain and Europe and now cultivated in China, India and the USA. It grows to a height of 1 metre and has a fleshy, knobbly taproot and a furrowed, branched stem. The leaves are pinnate to bi-pinnate, dark green in colour and glossy with coarsely toothed leaflets 3-6 cm in length. The flowers present in umbels and contain 5-7 umbellets of cream to off-white flowers that are 2-3 mm in diameter. The seeds are broad and ovoid in shape, 1.5 in length and 2 mm wide.

Brief History: Celery seed has been used as a medicine since the 1st century B.C., parts of the plant were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun, the Greeks used it as a means of honouring the dead, and as a pain reliever. The Romans were the first to use celery seed in the kitchen and from then on they became a popular culinary ingredient but it wasn’t until the mid-17th century that they began to be used in England.

Ingredients: The seed of Apium graveolens.

Allergy Advice: Celery Seeds can cause severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) in susceptible individuals.




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