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Lemon Grass Ground

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Product: Lemon Grass, Ground

Latin Name: Cymbopogon citratus syn. Andropogon schoenanthus

Plant Family: Poaceae

Other Names: Lemongrass, Oil Grass, Fever Grass, Barbed Wire Grass, Silky Heads, Cha de Dartigalongue, Hierba Luisa, Gavati Chaha, Verveine des Indes, Zitronengras, Sítrónugras, Zacate de Limón, Te de Limón, Caña de Limón, Citronella, Hierba de Limón, Takrai, Malojillo & Cimbopogone.

Description: Lemon grass is a tall, aromatic, tender perennial grass with many stems which is native to India and tropical Asia; it grows to a height of 1.5- 2 metres. The leaves are glaucous green in colour and can reach 1 metre in length and are approximately 2cm wide, they are linear, tapering towards the tip. The flower is a wispy, nodding panicle, approximately 60cm in length and greeny-yellow to reddish in colour.

Interesting Fact: Lemon grass contains astringent and antibacterial properties and in the world of cosmetics these properties of lemon grass are used to make topical preparations to treat acne, lemon grass is an excellent cleanser for skin and can be added to soaps and washes for acne prone skin, it is also added to shampoos for dandruff.

Ingredients: Dried ground stems of Cymbopogon citratus.

Allergy Advice: Lemon grass may cause an allergic reaction if consumed by people sensitive to grass and citrus products.


Lemongrass is used in many Thai and Caribbean recipes; it combines well with poultry and fish, add it to soups, curries and stir fries or use to make an interesting twist on classic lemonade, it also combines well with ginger or served on its on as a tea. Add lemon grass to recipes such as sauces and creams where you want the flavour but a smooth texture, ground lemon grass is also an ideal ingredient for making spice pastes to add to your recipes, substitute 1 teaspoon of ground lemon grass for each fresh stalk your recipe calls for. Ground lemon grass can also be used to make incense cones and added to moth repellent sachets.

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