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Juniper Berry Powder

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Product: Juniper Berry Powder

Latin Name: Juniperus communis

Plant Family: Cupressaceae

Other Names: Common Juniper, Gin Berry, Horse Savin, Gin Plant, Bayas de Enebro, Genévrier, Ginepro, Wachholder, Jagody Jałowca, Junípero, Seiyō-Suzu & Jeneverbes.

Description: Our juniper berry powder is a pre-ground ready for use from high quality juniper berries from Croatia. The berries come from a coniferous, evergreen tree native to Europe, the Himalayas, south-western Asia and North America. Which reaches a height of between 10-15 metres. The simple, spiny, needle like leaves grow in whorls of 3 around the slender twigs and are dark to glaucous green in colour and 1-2cm in length. The male and female flowers grow on different trees, and once pollinated give rise to green, spherical, berry like seed cones which take 18 months to ripen. Once ripe they change colour to purple-black to black with a blue waxy coating and are 4–12mm in diameter.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that juniper berries have been used as a culinary ingredient for centuries? In Scandinavia they were used to make a fragrant preserve that was eaten on bread. In parts of Britain and France, juniper berries were dried and used as a pepper substitute, in fact at one point juniper berries were even used to adulterate pepper berries by unscrupulous spice merchants, the berries have also been used to flavour beer and of course they are a standard ingredient in the making of gin which was once used as a medicine.

Ingredients: Dried powdered fruit of juniper communis.


Juniper berry powder has a piney, bitter taste and aroma, they are an ideal ingredient to add to rich gamey dishes containing venison, duck and pheasant. They also work well with pork and lamb, and are excellent when added to dishes such as potato gratin, sauerkraut and pickles. Juniper berry powder can also be used to make sweet syrups to poach fruit in or to use as a base for a fruit salad.

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