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Henna Black

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Caution: Our Hennas are 100% powdered natural leaf. They contain no dyes or dyeing agents. A lot of "high street" Henna's do contain dyes meaning they all artificially colour hair and skin with great effect. We advise that you test the product on a small area of skin before use. In the case of any adverse reaction, wash skin and hair with warm water and seek medical advise immediately. 

This product will have a dying effect on light hair but will not have a significant effect on darker hair. 

Product: Henna Black

Latin Name: Indigofera tinctoria

Plant Family: Fabaceae

Other Names: True Indigo, Indian Indigo, Tagum, Indigo Plant, Lan Dian, Indigoplanten, Indigoboom, Tina-Tinaan, Indigogewassen, Indigo des Teinturiers, Neeli, Anile, Nanbanai, Indigoteiro, Añilera, Avuri & Chàm.

Description: Our Black Henna is all-natural Indigofera tinctoria and contains no other additives such as PPD (p-Phenylenediamine), it can be used as a conditioner and colour enhancer for the hair. Henna should be used with care and a skin patch test should always be carried out before use. Black Henna dye is made from the leaves of a deciduous shrub believed to be native to Asia, which reaches a height of up to 2 metres. The leaves are oddly pinnate and comprised of 11-19 obovate leaflets which are light green in colour. The pea-like flowers form clustered racemes and are light pink to deep purple-red in colour

Brief History: The historical use of indigo as a dye is sketchy to say the least, some believe that Marco Palo witnessed the indigo dye process in Kerala, India in the late-13th century and subsequently introduced it to Europe. By the 16th century indigo plantations grew all over India and by the late-18th century most of the indigo purchased came from the East India Company from the plantations in Bengal. Today only a tiny percentage of ‘indigo’ dyes used to dye fabric and wool come from true indigo, the majority being chemically synthesied.


Black Henna is suitable for use on dark hair colours such
as mahogany, to colour and condition the hair. Add 100-300g of
Black Henna powder (depending on hair length use 100g for
short hair up to 300g for waist length hair) to cold water; and
mix to a paste, leave the paste over night for the dye to
develop. Apply the henna paste to clean, dry hair, when hair is
completely covered place a plastic bag or cling film on the hair
to keep the paste moist and leave 2-4 for the colour to develop.
At the end of the development time, rinse out the henna and
finish with a final light shampoo to remove the last traces of the
dye. Black Henna should be used with care and a skin patch
test should always be carried out prior to use. N.B. This product
is for use to colour and condition the hair only; it is not for
internal use, or for use on the skin.

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