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Green Tea Sencha

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Product: Green Tea Sencha

Latin Name: Camellia sinensis syn. Camellia bohea, Camellia thea, Camellia theifera, Thea sinensis, Thea viridis.

Plant Family: Theaceae

Other Names: Chinese Tea, Green Tea, Thé Vert, Té Verde, Grüner Tee, Japanese Tea & Yame Tea.

Description: Green tea comes from an evergreen perennial shrub which grows to a height of 1.5 metres, if the plant is not regularly harvested and pruned, it will turn into a tree reaching 10-15 metres. The leaves are light green when young turning dark green as the leaves age, they are lanceolate in shape with serrated margins (edges) and come off short stalks on the stem. The flowers have 7-8 white petals around yellow centres.

Brief History: Camellia sinensis originates in China, and has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia. During the Tang dynasty, Lu Yu the famous ‘sage of tea’ wrote a manuscript between 760 AD and 780 AD and entitled ‘Cha Jing’ or ‘Tea Classic’, it discussed the origins of tea, how to make it, drink it, its history and growing regions. For centuries black and green teas were believed to come from two different plants, they actually come from the same species of plant, but black tea undergoes a process of fermentation where green tea does not.


Green tea oil is obtained from the fermented and dried leaves, and oil is also obtained from the seed which is used in the cosmetic industry in products that benefit from the addition of astringency. Green tea is believed to be high in antioxidants and is drunk in many different countries; it is the most popular tea in Japan.

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