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Dandelion Leaf

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Product: Dandelion Leaf

Latin Name: Taraxacum officinalis

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Other Names: Cankerwort, Clockflower, Tell-The-Time, Blowball, Puffball, Priest’s Crown, Swine Snout, Meacamas, Piscialetto, Pissenlit, Dent de Lion, Kuhblume, Kukraundha, Kanphool & Tarassaco.

Description: The dandelion is a perennial herb native to Europe and Asia, and is also found in Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Australia and the USA. The leaves form a rosette that can grow up to 30cm in length; they are bright green with uneven, jagged margins of backward pointing indented ‘teeth’. The green colouring of the dandelion leaves changes from pale lime green to a darker green as the plant ages. The stems of the dandelion are hollow and are crowned with a single yellow flower, which after a few days turns into a ghostly globe of delicate feathery seeds.

Brief History: The name dandelion is a derivation of the Old French, dent-de-lion, literally "lion's tooth", because it was thought that the toothed leaves of the dandelion resembled lion's teeth. For urinary problems, Culpeper recommended a decoction of the ‘leaves in white wine, or the leaves chopped as pot herbs with a few alixanders, and boiled in their broth, are very effectual.’ The same use was mirrored in Parkinson’s ‘Theatrum Botanicum’ published in 1640.


Dried leaves can be used to make teas and tisanes; they can also be added to soups and salads. Fresh leaves release ethylene gas, which can slow down the growth of nearby plants; it can also encourage fruits to ripen. Leaves can also be used to make a liquid feed for the garden.

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