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Allspice Berries

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Product: Allspice Berries

Latin Name: Pimenta dioica syn. Pimento officinalis.

Plant Family: Myrtaceae

Other Names: Jamaica Pepper, Clove Pepper, Myrtle Pepper, Pimento, Newspice, Tout-Épice, Piment Poivre de la Jamaïque, Jamaikapfeffer, Pimiento de Jamaica, Aromatopeperi, Pepe di Giamaica & Guayabita.

Description: Allspice berries come from an aromatic evergreen tree native to the Caribbean, Central and South America which grows to a height of 10-18 metres. The leaves are aromatic, dark glossy-green in colour on the upper surface and paler green on the underside, leathery, elliptically, oblong and 10-20cm in length. The tiny, hermaphrodite, 4-petaled flowers are white and present in pyramidal cymes white develop in the leaf axils. The female flowers bare the fruits which present as clusters of green ripening to brown berries, which are 3-7mm in diameter.

Interesting Fact: Allspice berries are amongst the ingredients in the liqueurs Chartreuse and Benedictine, they are also used to make a drink popular in the Caribbean called Jamaican Dram which also contains brown sugar, rum and cinnamon.

Ingredients: Allspice Berries

Allergy Advice: Allspice contains a naturally occurring source of salicylates and is best avoided by people eating a salicylate free diet.


Allspice is a key ingredient in Caribbean jerk seasoning, and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, try adding it to stuffing’s nut roasts, stews, casseroles, sausages, ketchup, sauces, jams and pickles. Add to spiced breads, cakes and biscuits and use to make mulled wine and spiced cordials. Whole dried berries can be added to pickles and chutneys, or add them to your peppercorns in a grinder to add a delicious twist to your seasonings. The berries can also be added to pot pourri and scented sachets.

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